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The Qualiment® Carnot supports companies in their innovation challenges in the field of human food through projects to improve and develop food products that meet customer expectations. Qualiment® offers its private partners a range of cross-disciplinary skills that mobilize the scientific and technological resources needed for better produced, better developed, better perceived and better adapted products. 

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Beauty products
Health technologies
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Waste processing and recycling
Key figures

Key figures

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PhD Students
Global budget
54 M€
incomes with industry
12,5 M€


Qualiment Carnot Institute
INRAE Transfert,
28 rue du Dr Finlay,
75015 Paris

Catherine RENARD
+33 (0)1 42 77 11 40

Business Developper
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Doudja ALILI 
Manager Assistant
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Qualiment®: R&D solutions tailored for innovative foods

Better produced

  • Mastering industrial processes to improve the nutritional and sensory quality of food
  • Eco-designing equipment and production lines 
  • Applying minimal processing technologies to satisfy demand for naturalness

Better developed

  • Understanding the impact of food structure on the release and bioavailability of nutrients and flavour components
  • Improving processes including reverse engineered processes 
  • Stabilising ingredients and processing agents to preserve their functionality
  • Offering new formulations to respond to demand for naturalness

Better adapted

  • Understanding the biological impact of nutrients and probiotics on the main body functions in specific populations 
  • Understanding the causes of negative effects of food
  • Stuying the impact of diet on the microbiota and the impact of microbiota on health
  • Contributing to the development of claims and nutritional recommendations

Better perceived

  • Developing new tools to measure consumer assessment
  • Identifying the molecules and mechanisms responsible for olfactory and gustatory qualities of foods
  • Understanding how a sensory image is formed and the role of memory and food and sensory exposures on food preferences and choices

Qualiment®: 3 essential assets

  • Your single point of entry that gives you access to all the resources of French public research in food matters
  • Technological means at the forefront of innovation and multidisciplinary skills to offer you a tailor-made solution
  • Scientists dedicated to your project who have experience with industrial partnerships

Our commitment: quality and professionalism 

  • Tools and simplified procedures available for you guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification obtained by Qualiment® for its contractual methods and process 
  • Optimised technology transfer and a  clear, straightforward and consistent intellectual property policy between all members of Qualiment® to facilitate discussions