Association des instituts Carnot

In order to create a true a integrated network dynamic and take full advantage of their joint commitment in favour of partnership research and innovation, the Carnot institutes are members (through their home institution) of a uniting structure, the “Association des instituts Carnot” (AiCarnot).
In order to serve its aim of developing partnership research across the network, Association des instituts Carnot has structured its action along five main lines:

Fostering interaction with companies

The aim is to organise collectively, in addition to the action carried out by each Carnot Institute, as a means of reaching out to companies and making sure that their requests for partnership will be addressed as best possible: developing quality relationships with a variety of thematic networks and trade organisations in order to foster meetings with companies, in particular SMEs, arranging for joint participation in trade fairs and business meetings. It is to this end that the Rendez-vous Carnot are held.

Making the Network clearer to its audiences

The Carnot institutes Network encompasses a wide range of world-class skills. In order to make these easier for enterprises and business partners to understand and do more to meet their expectations, the network’s offer is structured by market segment and by industry with specific consortia dedicated to SMEs.

Strengthening the network-based operating principles and inter-Carnot synergies

The Carnot institutes are structured into a network so as to develop their synergies and enable better performance in their action serving innovation. The Carnot institutes share the same values and are capable of championing them individually and collectively, with all of their counterparts.

Supporting a continuing improvement policy toward professionalisation

The aim here is to keep professionalism, the quality of research conducted and the partnership relationship at a high level. Efforts in this area draw upon the sharing of best practices and pooling of experiences on all ends. It is within this setting that the Intellectual Property Charter of the Carnot institutes was developed.

Developing the network’s visibility in France and internationally

Being positioned amongst the top institutions internationally on our research topics is not enough to guarantee the development of partnership research of the Carnot institutes. Communication is also needed, aimed in particular at companies, about the know-how, commitments and results of Carnot institutes, for the benefit of the business community. This implies: establishing a joint and multi-channel communications policy for the network aimed at information conveyors and all partners across France and abroad, in particular companies; developing coordinated action aimed at European authorities and other Technological Research Organisations (Fraunhofer, VTT...).
Carnot’s communication is coordinated within the network.


The aims, strategy and action plans implemented by AiCarnot are discussed and formalised with the Carnot institutes, in particular during the annual seminar of institute leadership bodies, then validated by the association’s governance bodies.

AiCarnot’s budget (1.6 M€ for 2019) is made up of the dues paid by the Carnot institutes as well as financial support, in growing proportion, allocated to specifically-designated operations and action (international, Rendez-Vous Carnot, etc.) produced by the Ministries, local authorities and partners involved in promoting research and innovation. It is to be noted that all Carnot institutes are members of AiCarnot.

The Board of Directors includes 15 representatives of Carnot institutes.

Composition of the association bureau:

Vice Treasurer:
Vice Secretary:

Philippe Véron (institut Carnot ARTS)
Susana Bonnetier (institut Carnot CEA LETI)
Alexis Génin (institut Carnot ICM)
François Weiss (institut Carnot Energies du futur)
Philippe Tailhades (institut Carnot Chimie Balard Cirimat)
Philippe Lubineau (institut Carnot Cetim)
Philippe Lénée (INRAE Transfert)

AiCarnot team