Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 10:31

Partnership agreement between the Calym Carnot Institute and IQVIA

Instituts Carnot

IQVIA, world leader in the healthcare data market, and the CALYM Carnot Institute, Consortium for the Acceleration of Innovation and its Transfer in the Lymphoma Field, have entered into a strategic partnership around a hematology database, the HemSys software. As part of this exclusive partnership, IQVIA is making its expertise and network available to CALYM, in the valorization of health data for research purposes and access to the market for therapeutic innovations.

What is HemSys?

HemSys, a Multidisciplinary Concertation Meeting (MCM) software dedicated to Hematology, created by the network of hematologists, has several objectives :

First of all, HemSys aims to facilitate and optimize patient management (MCM tool, decision support). Then, the software should contribute to research on blood diseases through a database for research, and help with inclusion in clinical trials. Finally, HemSys shares practices and facilitates the exchange of information between different medical specialists.

With this tool, which allows the holding and follow-up of Multidisciplinary Concertation Meetings (MCM) in Hematology, CALYM benefits from and relies on a unique database. Constantly updated by clinicians in healthcare networks, the database can provide valuable information (diagnosis, prognosis, treatment) to the various healthcare players (physicians, research teams, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) involved in research on hematological diseases, and allows to gather life data of patients followed for hemopathies.