Partnership research

The Carnot network

The Carnot network comprises public research structures, certified by the French Ministry in charge of Research, committed to developing research partnerships that promote innovation in businesses of all sizes – from SMEs to large corporations – and among socio-economic stakeholders.

Carnot : choosing a name ?

Asked to improve steam engines (Reflections on the motive power of heatand on machines fitted to develop that power), Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot (1796-1832) established the second law of thermodynamics, which governs the workings of devices that we all use on a daily basis (heat engines in cars, refrigerators, etc.).

Partnership Research

The Carnot institutes network brings together a large number of science and technology professionals, from sectors as varied as healthcare, ICT, mechanics, materials and processes, energy and chemistry.

Carnot and start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps

Of the 10 200 R&D contracts signed every year between Carnot Institutes and businesses, 4 900 are with start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps. This does not include the numerous collaborative R&D projects involving SMEs in which Carnot plays a key role or non-research related services provided by Carnot teams. 

Carnot Institutes: research for business innovation

The Carnot network’s mission is to prepare the industry and economy of tomorrow by supporting businesses’ innovation and transformation strategy. 

The Carnot network's documentation

The Carnot network's presentation (February 2021)

Association des instituts Carnot

To forge a genuine operating dynamic, unlock synergies and take full advantage of their shared commitment to partnership-based research and innovation in business, all Carnot Institutes belong to the Association of Carnot Institutes (AiCarnot) through their oversight body. AiCarnot brings together all of the Carnot Institutes and is tasked with coordinating and structuring the network.

Our mission

Carnot’s mission is to prepare the industry and economy of tomorrow by supporting businesses’ innovation and transformation strategy.

For businesses

The most potent R&D offering for supporting businesses’ innovation

04/18/2019 - 13:42

Novel antibiotics: DEINOVE signs an agreement with the Institut Pasteur (Pasteur MS Carnot Institute) to explore the potential of new targeted strains

DEINOVE, a French biotech company that uses a disruptive approach to develop innovative antibiotics and bio-based active ingredients for cosmetics and nutrition, has announced that it will benefit from the Institut Pasteur's provision of biological resources for the research of new antimicrobial agents from original strains. The Institut Pasteur (Pasteur MS Carnot Institute), one of the most renowned worldwide players in the area of infectious disease research, will entrust a targeted selection of strains from their bacterial collection to DEINOVE.