Carnot CALYM

The Consortium for the acceleration of innovation and its transfer in the lymphoma field

The CALYM Carnot Institute brings together 15 research teams specialized in lymphoma, first blood cancer.

This academic consortium, without international equivalent, aims at accelerating innovation and its transfer in the lymphoma treatment and diagnosis through a unique R&D offering: from the identification of new biological targets to registration clinical trials.


Core business


Hight competences

Health and technologies for health, nutrition
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
32 M€
incomes with industry
28,2 M€


institut Carnot CALYM
Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud
69495  Pierre-Bénite Cedex

Bertrand NADEL
+33(0)4 72 24 41 71
+33(0)7 63 79 13 40

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A Carnot Institute Devoted to Lymphoma: Creating Synergies, Initiating Partnerships, Accelerating Translational Research

Consortium overview 

15 multidisciplinary and complementary research entities in the lymphoma field:
  • LYSA: The Lymphoma Study Association, a cooperative group
  • LYSARC: The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation
  • 13 academic research teams (belonging to Inserm or CNRS national research bodies, to universities and/or to hospitals)
  • CALYM is member of FINDMED

Our 4 R&D Pillars at the Core of Innovation

  1. Research and validation of new biological targets and lymphoma in vitro and in vivo models
    > to develop new preclinical drug candidates
  2. Identification, validation, patenting and licensing of blood and tissue biomarkers
    > to improve diagnosis, guide therapy decisions and predict tumor responses
  3. Early monitoring of activity (early pharmacodynamic markers, circulating DNA, immunomonitoring)
    > to accelerate translational research
4. Optimization and exploitation of clinical research related tools
> to accelerate development, registration and market access of drug candidates


Our Platforms and Technical Resources

CALYM offers various terms of collaboration covering all stages of R&D

  • contract research partnerships on preclinical, translational or clinical (multicenter) projects
  • joint setting-up of projects on national or international calls for projects
  • access to its databases, technical platforms, biological collections, preclinical models, technical resources
  • expertise and consulting of internationally renowned lymphoma experts

CALYM is certified ISO 9001:2015
for the management and monitoring of its research activities
and for the coordination of its lymphoma viable cell collection-CeVi