Carnot I2C (Innovation Chimie Carnot)

Carnot I2C
Innovation Chimie Carnot (I2C)

The Carnot Institute I2C brings together 8 research entities from Normandy on the 2nd territory of the chemical industry in France.

With a strong expertise in synthesis, analysis and formulation, I2C capitalizes on this chemistry value chain as a privileged partner to support innovation for the pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, food, bioressources, cosmetics, energy and environmental sectors industries.

Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent) 261
PhD Students 107
Global budget 32 M€
Partnership incomes with industry 3,8 M€


Institut Carnot
Innovation Chimie Carnot I2C
Normandie Université
Esplanade de la Paix
CS 14032
Caen Cedex 5

06 40 41 89 44

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Together, let’s make chemistry research a springboard for business innovation

3 skill centers working in synergy 

1. Synthesis department: An unique expertise to support innovation in synthesis in the sectors of pharmaceutical chemistry and fine chemicals, agrifood and cosmetics.

  • Methodologies in synthesis with improved performances and extended applications
  • Sustainable chemical synthesis
  • New molecular tools for diagnosis and therapies monitoring (fluorescent and MRI probes, bimodal probes, radiotracers for PET imaging…)
  • New drug candidates (design, synthesis, screening and drugability) and biopharmaceuticals

2. Analytical chemistry department: Cutting-edge equipment and innovative methodologies to address the analytical challenges of companies.

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods dedicated to chemistry, materials and biomolecules
  • Multidimensional analyses for physicochemical and structural characterization of complex matrices
  • Statistical tools for data processing as part of global analytical approaches
  • Miniaturized systems for on-site analysis
  • Optical and molecular imaging, tomography, AFM
  • Quantum chemistry and molecular mechanics

3. Formulation/polymers department: A set of skills at the frontiers of chemistry and physico-chemistry for formulators to design and optimize innovative products with controlled properties

  • Solutions, dispersions, emulsions and gels (processing, technological additives…)
  • Galenic formulation and drug delivery, crystallization and polymorphism
  • Colloids and dispersed systems (rheology, mixtures, ingredients, organoleptic properties)
  • Polymers, biopolymers and composites with controlled properties (active, adaptive, functional polymers, nanocomposites)

Target markets

  • Pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals
  • Agrifood and bioressources
  • Cosmetics
  • Energy and environment

Easier access to top level facilities

  • C2I-OrgA (Methodology in synthesis and analysis
  • Medicinal chemistry platform and chemical Library
  • Cyceron (Biomedical imaging)
  • Pissaro Proteomics Platform
  • Cosmetomic
  • Materials CNRT


[18F]Fludarabine :
An innovative radiopharmaceutical
for lymphoma imaging in clinical trial.




Some major equipments

  • Mass spectrometry
  • High resolution NMR
  • Separative sciences
  • Imaging


  • Synthetic chemistry – Catalysis- Innovative technologies – Medicinal chemistry, bio-organic and radiosynthesis - Synthesis of recombinant proteins in plants and microalgae

  • Strong expertise in mass spectroscopy, NMR and separative sciences (chromatography and crystallization)

  • Formulation / Structuration – Biosourced polymers – Functionalization / Chemical modification of polymers – Chemistry / Properties Relationships – Rheology – Stabilization / ageing – Expertise in chemistry and physicochemistry of complex media


A partnership adapted to every stage of R&D

  • Consulting and expertise
  • Service delivery
  • Project engineering
  • R&D partnership
  • Cifre PhD
  • Creation of joint laboratories
  • Implementation of national and international collaborative research projects
  • Technology transfer
  • Hosting researchers and on-site training

Structure description

  • An unique entry for better access to all the know-how of this value chain, while facilitating contracting and monitoring of partnerships
  • Teams involved into quality endeavours (ISO 9001) aiming at a continuous improvement process for better performances with our industrials partners.
  • Scientific consortium of 8 research entities backed by 3 labex (SynOrg, EMC3, Iron) and the Normand Institute of Molecular, Medicinal and Macromolecular Chemistry (INC3M)
  • Teams fully integrated into the regional socio-economic fabric (Chemistry Biology Health Technopole,  Cosmetic Valley, Polymers Technologies)