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The Carnot Brain Institute, is located in Paris at the heart of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. 
Its innovative model brings more than 700 researchers, a clinical investigation center and a large startup accelerator. The Brain Institute has structured its research strategy into major thematic areas and cross-disciplinary research needs in the field of Neurosciences. Its mission is to accelerate the development of new technologies in the fields of neurology, psychiatry and cognition.

Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent) 447
PhD Students 85
Global budget 48,9 M€
Partnership incomes with industry 11,1 M€


The Carnot Brain Institute
Hôpital Pitié-Salpétrière,
47/83 boulevard de l'hôpital
75013 Paris

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Parent institutions

Parent institutions


Facing brain disease, an integrated approach from prevention to care improvement

Personalized Medicine

The Carnot Brain Institute has structured its research strategy into major thematic and transversal axis adapted to the unsatisfied needs of "translational" research in the field of Neurosciences. 
With large cohorts of patients and top-notch neuro-imaging and “omics” facilities, biomarkers  and new therapeutic targets can be identified at accelerated rate for diseases ranging from Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, to epilepsy, psychiatric diseases and neuro-oncological tumors. Some are already in routine use at the Institute for a personalized diagnosis and a prediction of responses to treatments.

Solutions for drug, medtech, digital Tx development: 

  • Drug development platform
  • Prototyping of medical technologies 
  • Early clinical research 
  • Prevention approaches
  • Deeptech start-ups acceleration
  • Social good entrepreneurship

Target markets

  • Pharmacy
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical technology
  • Digital health  


  • Genetic
  • Cell imaging
  • Preclinical tests
  • Biomarker research
  • Clinical research
  • Patients cohort
  • Neuroimaging
  • Biostatistics
  • Digital tools development 

New technologies for healthcare:

“Biomarkers” can be applied for diagnosis and prognosis of disease progression. In the field of neurosciences, they can also easily been made accessible at home with non-invasive neurotechnology devices measuring cognition, behavior, brain activity and allowing each individual person to monitor its health parameters and become an actor of its own treatment. 
Technologies can also be the therapy itself: deep brain stimulation for movement disorders, therapeutic ultrasounds, transcranial magnetic stimulation, etc. are developed at the ICM Carnot Institute thanks to the support of 7,000 m² of technological platforms.

Health key numbers: 

  • 25 research teams, 11 of which are international
  • More than 4500 publications since 2012
  • 10 technological platforms