Developping sustainable chemistry and eco-compatible materials
The Carnot Green Chemistry Alliance federates 5 Carnot institutes that have developed outstanding skills in chemistry.

It draws on the research carried out by the Carnot institutes in green chemistry in order to support industrial innovation in the sector and help companies reach new markets.

Our strength

1/ A professional approach to support companies in research and innovation;
2/ The ability to analyse research needs;
3/ Easy access to scientific and technological skills;
4/ Access to R&D platforms open to industrial partners  in many application sectors;
5/ Short response times, total confidentiality and contractual industrial property relationships, attention to the industrial partner’s needs and constraints throughout the project 

    4 main research areas

    • Eco-conception and recycling
    • Sustainable raw materials
    • Environmentally-friendly chemistry and processes
    • Processing of biomaterials
    1 100 research professionals to answer to enterprises’needs
    5 Carnot institutes at the core of the alliance: 3BCAR - Chimie Balard - ICÉEL - LISA - PolyNat

    Examples of research partnerships between companies and Carnot Transport Alliance institutes



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