Carnot-Industry Partnering

A compact automatic vibratory drilling unit for use on aircraft assembly lines

Commitment to partnership research

The Carnot institutes network combines scientific excellence with professionalism and is committed to develop research for companies’ innovation.

A commitment illustrated by an 52% increase of the turnover of the Carnot insitutes network with companies between 2010 and 2014.

Carnot-Industry Partnering

Technologies for health
Intelligent socks for diabetics

Les Rendez-vous Carnot

Next edition will take place in Lyon on October 5th and 6th



GLOBAL CARE Initiative, a consortium of five Human Health Carnot Institutes that collaborate in four therapeutic fields of human health, announced that its two-day “FAID 2016” (French-American Innovation Days 2016) Symposium overwhelmingly confirmed that Precision Medicine and new technologies are already transforming clinical research. The “FAID 2016” Symposium convened on February 9, 10 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Mass. (In addition to GCI, the “FAID 2016” symposium was co-organized by the Office for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States).

The CEA LETI Carnot institute will organize Leti Innovation Day 2016 to be held exceptionally this year in Lyon, France, next June 23.

Leti Innovation Day annually brings technology experts, business leaders and startups founders together to consider innovative technology solutions for seizing market opportunities and overcoming challenges.

The main theme chosen for this year is: System Reliability and Security in a Connected World challenge that Leti is addressing on multiple levels. Presentations and discussions will focus on:

  • Enabling a connected world,
  • Assessing security and reliability,
  • Panel discussion: anticipating challenges in a connected world,
  • Strengthening security with advanced technologies.

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