30 October 2020
  • Réseau Carnot

All about Carnot in less than 3 minutes.

14 January 2020

Focus on the first full-metal dual-band GNSS antenna for automotive applications. With its unique technology, Anteneo eases antenna integration, which is the most critical challenge for mass adoption of high-accuracy GNSS.

14 January 2020

Focus on lensless imaging technology enables an extra-wide field of view, robust performance, and a compact footprint for much less money than an optical microscope, bringing healthcare professionals point-of-care tests that previously had to be sent to a lab.

14 January 2020

Focus on 3 technologies : 

  • AI vs Wild: a CEA technology that protects AI systems and neural networks from security threats and attacks
  • DeepRed: CEA develops software analysers, powered by advanced reasoning, that carry out groundbreaking cybersecurity verifications over both source and binary codes
  • Maxens: a CEA technology that maximizes haptic sensations
14 January 2020

Focus on a car sharing system bringing compact electric vehicles to users either at dedicated pickup points or on a free floating basis.

14 January 2020

Focus on 6 futuristic and advanced technologies and 4 startup about MOBILITY.​

14 January 2020

Focus on Lifi-Multicell a great alternative to Wi-Fi, being the first-ever multi-cell solution with centralized management of conflicts between lighting zones.

3 December 2019

Carnot Institutes Leti, TN@UPSaclay (Cea List), Energies du futur, Télécom & société numérique & Inria participate in the annual event CES 2020 with their start-up from 7th to 10th January 2020 - Eureka Parc La Vegas.