A research network dedicated to fostering enterprise innovation

A multi-disciplinary network to benefit society

A major national multi-disciplinary research network, building economic development
through technologies and innovation

What is a Carnot institute?

A Carnot Institute is a company-oriented research organization. Research led with and for industry is at the heart of its strategy.

Carnot institutes are recognized for both :
  • their high scientific standards,
  • their professionalism and their commitment to developing high quality partnership research.
In this respect, they take a proactive approach in favour of innovation in companies of all sizes by offering R&D support which takes into consideration the companies’ economic and market constraints.
Each Carnot Institute makes firm commitments to developing its R&D activities in favor of industry innovation.

Committed together to

  • Conducting partnership research for companies
  • Promoting innovation
  • Developing technology transfers

Proven commitment

  • 20% of the French public laboratory workforces (30000 research professionals with 9600 PhD);
  • 55% of all contract R&D between French public laboratories and industry;

Committed collectively to

  • Common targets
  • Shared practices
  • A continuous professionalism improvement
  • Strongly-felt presence with local players addressing key issues in national research

A multi-disciplinary network to benefit society

To take up the major issues facing the economy and society …

  •  The need for ENERGY in a new environmental context
  •  Attention to HEALTH and WELL-BEING

     ... by mobilising 6 major areas of skills

  • Materials, mechanics and processes
  • Energy, propulsion, transports
  • Information and Communication Technologies – Micro and nano technologies
  • Construction, civil engineering, landscape planning
  • Environment, natural resources, sustainable chemistry
  • Health and technologies for health, nutrition

See skills of Carnot institute

Research that contributes to the development of innovative service and products in enterprises, to create wealth and employment in France and Europe.

A special commitment to SMEs.

The Carnot institutes network is a major research and technology organisation (RTO) which collaborates with its European and global counterparts (Fraunhofer, TNO, VTT, MIT, etc).