Carnot institutes step up their international deployment

07 2015
Les Carnot et les entreprises

Building from 10 years of success at the national level, the Carnot institutes network is now organising to expand  its partnership research  offering  at the international level and better support to companies operating on increasingly global markets. One of the aims of this new deployment effort is to heighten its presence in European projects, strengthen its scientific relationships with the international research community and, of course, bring   growth to its partnership R&D for enterprises at the international level.

The network already enjoys a strong international foothold
Through some twenty affiliates or offices directly present on-site, the Carnot institutes network already has  locations across the world.
Its  extensive involvement in research institute networks such as CLORA and EARTO in Europe, as well as multiple international associations  (industrial, scientific,  etc.) tells of its desire to have a bearing  on the global scene.
As to the figures, they speak for themselves: in 2014, Carnot institutes recorded 75 M€ in R&D contracts  directly  financed by companies based  abroad, in addition to which come 110 M€ in revenue from collaborative European  research projects.
This  brought  total revenue  from  partnership-based  research  between  the  Carnot  Network  and  international socio-economic players to nearly 200 M€, or more than 20% of partnership revenue from the Carnot institutes network.
A "Carnot  Europe" Group  was  specially created in 2013 to accelerate the participation of Carnot institutes in European programs (Horizon 2020,in particular).
In  addition,  the  Consortium GLOBAL CARE Initiative, which  has  grouped together  the 5 Carnot institutes dedicated  to human health since 2013,  in order to pool their action internationally, show just how much potential thenetwork holds: meetings have been held with more than 250 innovative companies outside France, and proved the foundation for in-depth discussions in the United States, Asia and Europe

Stepping Up Efforts to Develop Internationally
In order to support and better promote its international partnership research activities, the Carnot institutes network is now rolling out a coordinated and pooled action plan.
The  first step was to establish  the  organisation principles and targeted communication needed and to share experience and information within the network about the opportunities and features specific to the various countries and geographic zones across the world.
Also required was a ramp-up  of  the joint initiatives underway in order to allow better participation in international collaborative projects and especially in European programs.
The final component was dedicated to resource-sharing and improving capacity to run the integrated offer put together in the main economic sectors at the in ternational level, in order to provide a more global response to companies' R&D needs.

After 10 years in existence, the Carnot institutes network has now gained the maturity needed to expand its activities  across the world and become known and recognised as a major global player in Corporate Research and Innovation.

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