The SME GreenOn has been offering electric bicycle rental and purchasing to companies and local communities for the last three years.  It offers the availability of a bike docking station where the bikes can be both locked and charged. This sustainable mobility solution is attractive but it has also to be easy to use and reliable in order to gain the support of its users. This is now the case, thanks to the research partnership carried out in 2011 with the Carnot institute CEA LETI, which was particularly focused on the battery state of charge from the BMS (Battery Monitoring System).
Thanks to this project, the SME was able to design a wireless information transmission system that lets users know, in an easy and reliable way, the battery’s autonomy at the time of bike check-out. This technological leap greatly improves the service offered and contributes to the development of GreenOn, which aims to double its bike fleet from as early as 2013.