Carnot institute

Meeting consumer expectations with regards to the sensory and nutritional quality of foods as part of a sustainable food process is a major challenge in terms of innovation.

As such, the Qualiment® Carnot Institute implements scientific and technological resources required to support companies in their projects in the field of improvement and development of food products.


Core business

Food / Nutrition

Hight competences

Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
56 M€
incomes with industry
12,5 M€


institut Carnot Qualiment
Direction alimentation, INRA,
147 rue de l'université
75338 Paris cedex 07

Catherine Esnouf
+33 (0)1 42 75 91 51

Stéphanie Mercier-Arrabal
Deputy Director
+33 (0)1 42 75 92 87

Pauline Souvignier
Business Manager
+33 (0)1 42 75 93 31
+33 (0)6 73 10 94 20


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Our expertise for your R&D projects

Qualiment® : R&D solutions tailored for innovative food

Better produced

  • Mastering industrial processes to improve the nutritional and sensory quality of food
  • Eco designing equipment and production lines for sustainable food industries

Better developed

  • Understanding the impact of food structure on the release and bioavailability of nutrients and flavour components
  • Improving processes including reverse engineered processes in order to control the structure of the food matrix and to optimise the release of the active compounds
  • Stabilising ingredients and processing agents to preserve their functionality

Better adapted

  • Understanding the biological impact of nutrients on the main body functions in specific populations (senior, athletes, children…)
  • Contributing to the development of claims and nutritional recommendations
  • Stuying the impact of diet on the microbiota and the impact of microbiota on health

Better perceived

  • Identifying the molecules and mechanisms responsible for olfactory and gustatory qualities of food
  • Understanding how a sensory image is formed and the role of memory in sensory assessment and food choice
  • Determining the role of food and sensory exposures on food preferences and choices

Qualiment®: 3 essential assets

Your point of entry

  • that connects you with over 470 scientists, engineers and technicians involved in the training of 180 doctoral and post-doctoral students
  • that gives you access to all the resources of French public research in food matters

Technological means

  • 12 technology platforms and industrial transposition at the forefront of innovation

Scientists dedicated to your project

  • Researchers who listen to you and have experience with industrial partnerships
  • An opening to a network of researchers with expertise in various fields to offer a suitable solution for your needs


Our commitment: quality and professionalism 

  • Tools and simplified procedures are available for the respect of our contractual commitments and for continuous monitoring of your project
  • A clear, straightforward and consistent intellectual property policy covering all members of the Qualiment® Carnot Institute was established to facilitate discussions
  • Qualiment Carnot institute is certified ISO 9001 for its contractual methods and process

  • Technology transfer is optimised to make it rapidly and easily available for your benefit

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