First International Congress on Welding, Additive Manufacturing and associated NDT

ICWAM - Conference 2017 - Metz, 17 - 19 May 2017. International Congress organized by Institut de Soudure Group (Carnot Insittute ICÉEL) and Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN) - 17-19 mai 2017, Arsenal de Metz.

The congress includes plenary sessions, oral communications, poster sessions and industrial exposition covering all thematic goals of the conference in the field of “welding, additive manufacturing and associated non-destructive testing. The program is designed to allow intercommunication for the delegates and to promote an active dialogue between academic researchers and industrial delegates in order to bridge the gap between academia and pressing industrial needs.

Welding, surfacing and additive manufacturing mostly implement layer by layer deposition, using powders/wires/strips with similar heat sources (laser and electron beam, electric arc, etc.), have much more in common to share than their respective names seem to imply in the first instance. The scientific base that governs weld integrity is akin to what determines integrity of AM parts. The multifold objective of the conference is thus to:

  • Bring together welding technologists, metallurgists, NDT specialists on one side of the aisle and additive manufacturing researchers and users on the other side to share their experience for the advancement of science and technology in two very close fields.
  • Foster an international network of experts by bringing together actors from Industry, R&D organizations to critically review where the two technologies stand at a time when new materials and hybrid processes are developed at a fast pace.
  • Establish bridges between welding organizations and rapid prototyping/3D printing/additive manufacturing associations.
  • Open unexplored venues for smart fabrication processes.

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