Epigenetics & Cancer


The inaugural Epigenetics & Cancer conference will be held in Paris from 29-30 May 2017 at the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris. CALYM Carnot Institute will moderate B to B sessions with Curie Carnot institute.

The conference is organized by 4 institutions and research team networks, CVT AVIESAN, Institut Curie, REpiCGO and Grenoble Epigenetics Club, which are highly involved in epigenetics basic and translational research. The goal is to bring together leading scientists, clinicians and companies interested in epigenetics to discuss the latest discoveries and development of their applications in cancer therapy and diagnosis.

The first day will focus on the new insights in epigenetic mechanisms in cancer and the second day on the new epigenetic strategies to diagnose and treat cancer.

B to B sessions, co-organized with Curie Cancer and CALYM Carnot Institutes, will give the participants the opportunity to meet their future partners and to initiate new collaborations.

Registration and abstract submission are ow open online on the dedicated website