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Redouane Borsali Director of PolyNat Carnot Institute receives the 2020 International Award from the Society of Polymer Science, Japan

Redouane Borsali, Director of PolyNat Carnot Institute, receives the 2020 International Award from the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ), scheduled in Fukuoka-Japan in May 2020. 

LETI INNOVATION DAYS - reported October 12-16 in Grenoble.

Each year, we host Leti Innovation Days (LIDs) to stimulate creativity and innovation in the semiconductor field. LIDs is a special moment where we, together, can imagine the next technologies that will have a strong impact in this industry. 

LIDs 2020 were initially planned June 24-26, but due to the global pandemic situation, we have decided to reschedule our Leti Innovations Days and workshops during Oct. 12-16, 2020 in Grenoble (France). We hope this will enable the attendees to find a source of interest in the quality of the agenda and a source of enthusiasm from the multiple discussions. The theme for LIDs 2020 is "New Turns in Innovation to Embrace the World"

You will learn what's coming to the market in the next 10 years at Leti Innovation Days (LID), October 12-16 in Grenoble.
LID are hosted by CEA LETI, a world-leading technology research institute that is performing pioneering R&D in micro- and nanotechnologies.

CES 2020 : Interview Valery Cervantes Esprit Project Coordinator - Carnot Energies du futur

Focus on a car sharing system bringing compact electric vehicles to users either at dedicated pickup points or on a free floating basis.

CES 2020: Interview Sophie Morales LSIV Lab manager - Carnot Leti

Focus on lensless imaging technology enables an extra-wide field of view, robust performance, and a compact footprint for much less money than an optical microscope, bringing healthcare professionals point-of-care tests that previously had to be sent to a lab.

CES 2020: Interview Lionel Rudant Founder & CTO - Anteneo - Carnot Leti

Focus on the first full-metal dual-band GNSS antenna for automotive applications. With its unique technology, Anteneo eases antenna integration, which is the most critical challenge for mass adoption of high-accuracy GNSS.

CES 2020: Interview Dimitri Ktenas Head of Wireless Technologie - Carnot Leti

Focus on Lifi-Multicell a great alternative to Wi-Fi, being the first-ever multi-cell solution with centralized management of conflicts between lighting zones.

CES 2020 : Interview Laurent Hérault VP Europe Carnot Leti

Focus on 6 futuristic and advanced technologies and 4 startup about MOBILITY.​