Three domains of expertise in synergy for your innovation.
The Meca.Mat&Pro group regroups 4 000 researchers in order to propose an integrated R&D offer, readable and accessible, from the development of materials to the mechanical system and its recycling.  
This unique alliance gathers at the same time a strong human potential and powerful technological means organized around advanced technologies platforms.

Some technological challenges

>  Lightening of structures: advanced/composite materials
>  Miniaturization/Integration of functions
>  High speed manufacturing processes and direct manufacture
>  Multi-materials/Assembling/Functionalisation
>  Damage/Operating strength/Ageing of materials
>  Surface treatments/Coaching and corrosion
>  Biomechanics and multipurpose biomaterials
>  Nanomaterials: design, implementation and toxicity
>  Environmentally safe materials and processes
>  Recycling and transformation of materials

Some markets

  • Aeronautics and space
  • Land transportation
  • Instrumentation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemistry/Metallurgy
  • Energy
  • Environment

 Les compétences

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⇒  A network of French leading laboratories. : more than 4 000 researchers at your service
⇒  Markey intelligence
⇒  A capacity to address complex issues requiring a pluridisciplinary approach.
⇒  A multi disciplinary approach
⇒  A depth knowledge of the state of the art
⇒  Adapted solutions for SMES
⇒  A strategic partnership with the great European RTOs (Fraunhofer, TNO, VTT, ...)

7 Carnot institutes, a core business, within the alliance : ARTS - CEA LIST - Cetim - CIRIMAT - ICÉEL - M.I.N.E.S - STAR