Example : design and manufacturing of biodegradable parts as an alternative to petrochemical plastics

The company VEGEPLAST (VIVADOUR agro-industrial group) is specialized in the design and manufacture of biodegradable parts and packaging through thermoplastic injection molding. Thanks to its collaboration with the Carnot institute 3BCAR, it can now propose VEGEMAT®, a range of composite materials obtained by the transformation of cereal plants, 100% biodegradable and compostable. The technical and chemical properties, as well as the rate of biodegradation, make them an attractive alternative to conventional plastics of petrochemical origin.
The manufactured parts meet specific requirements in economic and financial conditions which are in line with the traditional plastic markets such as the food packaging market. They also enable to develop new markets attracted by the biodegradability (vineyard fasteners for agriculture, sports and leisure…).
VEGEPLAST controls the entire process, from the selection plant-origin materials to the mass production. Its 7 000 m² factory is located in Bazet (Midi-Pyrenees region, France) and employs 50 persons