Preserving our environment, natural resources and planet is rightly becoming a much more important part of our lifestyle and society. Our future and our kids’ future depends on it!
Carnot institutes are working with businesses to cut the carbon footprint of all human activities (industrial waste, energy consumption, organic agriculture, enlightened management of natural resources, recyclability of materials and products, etc.).


Micropollutants under video surveillance
Partnership Carnot Eau & Environnement Institute - Entreprise Viewpoint

ViewPoint specialises in analysing the behaviour of laboratory animals and is diversifying into real-time water biomonitoring. It has teamed up with the Carnot Water & Environment (INRAE) ecotoxicology lab in order to benefit from the latter’s expertise. This partnership made it possible to develop a station — ToxMate — that continuously measures water quality by analysing the behaviour of three aquatic invertebrates.


A French eco-friendly air purifier
Partnership Carnot ESP  Institute - Entreprise TEQOYA

TEQOYA is a French company that uses the principle of air ionisation to manufacture and market air purifiers. TEQOYA’s 100% ozone-free air ionisers neutralise even the most toxic air particles of all sizes, using patented technology, developed and enhanced over more than 15 years. These eco-friendly, filterless, energy-efficient and totally silent air purifiers are designed and manufactured in France.


Innovative technology for making materials hydrophobic 
Carnot PolyNat Institute — Carnot preparing the future

Hydrophobization is a key technological challenge for the future of paper-cardboard and other plastic substitutes. And chromatogénie, a disruptive process, is a perfect solution! Thanks to expertise developed over the course of numerous pilot tests, it is now possible to create hydrophobic papers that can be integrated into the life cycle of “traditional” papers. This process is supported by analytical methods that validate and optimise its effectiveness.