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Changes in consumption patterns, growing populations, being nicer to the planet, ever fiercer competition, etc.: agriculture has to contend with critical global challenges bound up with the future of humanity. New environmental and societal challenges are emerging that are forcing businesses from the sector to make radical changes. 
Carnot institutes, the leader in French public research partnerships, are on a mission to partner these changes through research excellence that drives innovation in businesses — from start-ups to large corporations — in the agriculture and agri-food sectors.


Ultra-clean cold filling focused on a food production line
Carnot AgriFood Transition Institute preparing the future 

FROILOC is a project that integrates ultra-clean cold filling for food production lines. The objective is to offer manufacturers solutions that guarantee food safety, provide enhanced conditions for operators and save on energy.

Loss of vitamins from fruit and vegetables

Carnot Qualiment Institute — Carnot preparing the future 

Fruit and vegetables are a crucial source of vitamins, however several factors may affect the vitamin content of the fruit and vegetables we consume. Biological changes of a physiological, genetic, agronomic or environmental nature, together with any processing and/or preservation processes used, will have a determining impact on the nutritional quality of products consumed.