Meeting today’s economic and environmental challenges in transport and developing tomorrow’s answers

4 major research areas :

  • Energy for transport
  • Architecture, structures and materials
  • ICTs for transportation
  • Environmental impact
A wide range of skills dedicated to developing efficient, reliable, secure and environmentally-friendly transport systems.

A major research partner for companies in the transport sector

  • R&D professionals helping industries to develop transport systems that are more efficient, safer and more environmentally-friendly
  • A multi disciplinary approach for addressing road, rail and air transport issue
  • R&D from the concept to finalised research
  • Guaranteed confidentiality on the projects conducted
  • Project schedules suited to companies’ needs
  • A pool of PhD students and graduates, combining a research culture with an industrial approach
  • Experts capable of mobilizing all of the necessary skills, whatever the entry point
2 000 partnership research professionals, to fulfill enterprises’ needs
7 Carnot institutes at the core of the alliance: CEA LETI - CEA LIST - Energies du Futur - ESP - I@L - IFPEN Transports Energie - STAR

Examples of research partnerships between companies and Carnot Transport Alliance institutes