Partnership ICM Carnot Institute - Groupe Genious

With the serious game Toap Run Genious becomes an actor of silver economy

The Genious-ICM Carnot resulting partnership initiative stands out for its therapeutic software excellence.

Supporting Innovation

Thanks to the joint efforts of computer-games specialists, neuroscientists [OU brain researchers] and clinicians the use of gaming applications [OU of serious games] as a practical tool in healthcare is now very much a reality. The growing aging population means looking at new mechanisms to prevent and manage neurological disorders from a mixture of sources (Alzheimer’s disease, stroke…). The designed ‘Toap Run’ software intented for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease combines digital creativity and a high level of scientific rigour. The rapidly developing healthcare industry was very much in need of such forerunner with very effective – verified and calibrated - innovative solutions. As of October 2016 the Toap Run serious game will be freely available to health care professionals once the subsequent clinical phase has been validated.


The client needs

Since 1983, the small and medium-sized Paris area-based Genious Group of 200 employees, with branches in Montpellier and Rennes, has developed the skills and expertise needed in the fields e-learning, mobile data and serious games. As an e-health contributor, the IT services provider has wanted to improve mobility of all patients with Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore the entire solution had to be cost-effective and scalable so as to provide helpful reference to caregivers to track symptom assessment. To validate such approach Genious Group had to ensure continuity of scientific support for the project and evaluate its possible use in real-life settings.


The ICM Carnot Institute is conducting active brain and spinal cord research at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. Consequently, both the researchers and clinical neurosciences experts have collaborated with Genious on the Toap Run project. As a result, progress in primary health care affecting therapists as well as patients has permitted to allow Genious to be recognised among one of the best digital gold diggers. In addition, Toap Run has been selected as a potential successful candidate as part of the WorldWide Innovation Challenge 2030. Beyond general availability for the software, the desired partnership took on concrete form also with the establishment of a shared lab called BRAIN e-NOVATION

June 2016