Partnership Leti Carnot Institute - MultiX

New MultiX X-ray spectrometer detects nitromethane from water

Thanks to Leti’s various skills, the combination of reduced stage security inspection process and travel safety is attracting both the airport authorities and other sector industries.

Supporting Innovation

How can we differentiate water from nitromethane in liquids? While conducting R&D to resolve such delicate matter, a Grenoble Isère-based business realised that it was able to concretely fulfil the issue of heightened security checks at airports. The use of the MultiX X scanner is becoming routine procedure to discriminate liquids in baggage. The main innovation rationale behind such technology is to fast-scan via efficient photodetection all screened photons rather than just a fraction passing through the scanned item. The detection sensor is an unparalleled source of information which has driven the American Authorities at US airports to use such technology to improve detection of explosives in hand-held baggage.

The client needs

MultiX has been utilising X-ray spectrometric detection technology since 2010 for non-destructive inspection and security screening to identify substances.
Their teams, widely dedicated to R&D, have given themselves the objectives of providing a reliable solution with reference to baggage screening that can be directly integrated to industry. To succeed in this increasingly competitive market, MultiX needed a partner capable of providing a major technological advance to offset the competition. The SME with 18 employees was able to develop in concert with Leti Carnot institute (Cea Tech) the entire workflow for processing X-ray spectrometry data. Such guarantee ensures detection of explosive compounds while making easier the traveler’s experience.


The CEA LETI Carnot Institute has strived to maintain world-class imaging, notably health care radiography, expertise. The teams’ ability for spectrometric measurement of gamma- and X-ray using high quality sensors paired with information extraction algorithms have consequently been shared with their MultiX counterparts. Spurred on by Leti regarding their patent management, the SME has the competitive advantage to deal with faster development while creating jobs to support international business. The ME100 detector easily integrates into the clients’ scanning systems. Thus benefiting key security operators at sensitive locations or places with industrial activity.

October 2022