Carnot Institutes : research and innovation for industry


The founding purpose of the Carnot institutes is to bring public research and industry together, in order to respond to the corporate need for innovation and, in so doing, dynamise their activities and support their competitiveness.

Enterprises are our laboratories’ partners, day in and day out.  Each year, over 11000 direct R&D contracts are signed between Carnot enterprises and institutes, not to mention the very large number of joint participation efforts in collaborative R&D projects (national and as part of European Framework Programmes).

What types of enterprises call upon the Carnot institutes?  

Enterprises of all sizes: large corporations, intermediate-sized companies (from 250 to 5000 employees), SMEs, very small enterprises employing less than 10 people, and budding entrepreneurs seeking support for their projects. Public sector clients (local governments, agencies, etc.) also call upon the institutes’ R&D skills. Thanks to the vast range of fields covered by the Carnot network, they can serve all business sectors.


The commitment of 39 research institute for industrial partners innovation : start-up, SMEs, intermediate or large-sized companies


  • Scientific excellence to prepare tomorrow’s innovations
  • Professionalism and commitment for a high quality partnership research
  • The strength of a multidisciplinary research network

18% of the French public laboratory workforces

50% of the research directly financed by companies to the French public laboratories

For a partnership based on mutual trust :

  • Analysis of industrial research needs conducted by experts,
  • R&D solutions that are tailored to these needs,
  • Professional management of confidentiality clauses,
  • Consideration of the company’s needs and constraints throughout the entire project,
  • A professional contractual relationship,
  • A balanced industrial property policy,
  • Facilitated access to scientific and technological skills and to numerous technology platforms that are available to enterprises.