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Carnot institutes searchers are linked with the international scientific community. They also lead numerous R&D contracts with foreign companies. In 2015, the income of the Carnot network from partenarial research with international companies was 180 M€ - 17 % of total competitive income  (direct R&D contracts amount  with foreign companies was 66 M€ and Carnot institutes funding for their involvment in European Calloborative Projects with Companies was 116 M€).

An example of collective international action of Carnot Institutes

To increase the visibility of their partnership offer and their international business, five Carnot institutes, world leaders in the R&D in human health, joined to set up the consortium GLOBAL CARE initiative.

About GLOBAL CARE Initiative

GLOBAL CARE Initiative (GCI) is an outstanding consortium of 5 Carnot institutes that covers 4 therapeutic fields of major interest in human health markets: oncology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases and neurology.

Supported by our past experience in translational research and in property management and by the fame of its members, GCI targets the international health market on:

  • emerging imaging technologies
  • innovative diagnostic tools
  • therapeutic advances.

GCI is gathering up to 6,000 researchers in life science for offering enlarged opportunities to our industrial and research partners worldwide. Bringing greater visibility to our R&D offers, GCI aims at mobilizing multi-disciplinary researchers in response to R&D needs.

5 Carnot institutes are members of the consortium :

Global Care key figures :

An identity built on a prestigious history

  • 15 Nobel Prizes
  • up to 6,000 researchers
  • wide technical assets and expertise (15 Nobel prizes)
  • a global budget of US$ 42millions (€ 31 millions) for business development & research
  • based in Paris & Lyon, France, Europe
  • financial following of more than 300 partnership contracts per year
  • about 5,000 active patents
  • more than 35 startups created
  • more than € 80 millions in terms of revenue per year (patent licensing, collaboration, services…)

GLOBAL CARE is an outstanding consortium of 5 French expertises :

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