Carnot Smiles

SMILES : Mathematical Sciences for Innovation, Label of Strategic Excellence

The SMILES Associated Carnot is a public research institute which aims at making the most of the power of applied mathematics, through collaborative research, in order to foster innovation processes within private companies of all sectors. Made up of multi-disciplinary teams, the institute accompanies its industrial partners in their technological challenges with its skills in mathematical modeling and numerical simulation in: fluid and structure mechanics, acoustics, universe and life sciences, big data, chemistry, electronics, plasma physics, nanoscience…


Core business

Information and Communication Technologies
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
18,5 M€
incomes with industry
1,6 M€


Institut Carnot SMILES
Campus de l’UPMC
4, place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 5
Tour 15-25, 3ème étage,
bureau 309, boîte courrier 187

+33 (0)1 44 27 71 94

Philippe AUBARET
Directeur opérationnel
06 32 39 74 31

Email contact
Parent institutions

Parent institutions


Put the unreasonable efficiency of mathematics into action for the innovation within companies

Our main research topics:

Mathematical modeling
  • Partial differential equations : flows (blood, respiratory, porous medium), growth and motion in cell populations, risk and finance, mass behaviour, plasma fusion…
  • Random framework
  • Model reduction
  • Coupling phenomenon (structural, thermal, fluid, magnetism, electrical)
  • Optimization and optimal control
Numerical simulation
  • Conception and optimization of algorithms: embedded systems, cloud computing, precision level, in an existing chain or to be created…
  • Parallel computing algorithmic, real time simulation
  • HPC, high dimension computing, parallelism in time
  • Computing clusters: CPU/GPU, shared/distributed memory
Data science for the Big Data
  • Neural networks, machine learning, deep learning
  • Statistical analysis, classification, data mining
Complex and multiphase fluids modeling
  • Atomization, bubble dynamics, droplet impacts
  • Elasto-capillarity: micro-fluidic, drop / thin rod interaction, drop / soft substratum interaction
  • Granular and viscous-plastic flows, turbulent flows modeling (RANS, statistical, LES)
  • Hydrodynamic stability (waves, vortex)
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Acoustic propagation and diffusion in medium which are: heterogeneous, multi-layers, with differences in properties
  • Shockwave propagation
  • Acoustic imaging
  • Damaging mechanics
  • Heterogeneous materials, micro-mechanics
  • Rupture mechanics : fragile, ductile, initiation
  • Meta-materials : mechanical, acoustic, adhésive
Computational and quantitative biology
  • Analytical genomics, meta-genomics
  • Functional analysis of the microbial community
  • Protein-protein interaction, cellular interaction
Quantum and theoretical chemistry
  • Dynamical molecular simulations, catalysis modeling, forces between molecules
  • Chemistry of the extreme medium in gaseous or condensed phase
  • Multi-scale simulation methods


  • Aeronautics
  • Insurance
  • Car
  • Chemistry
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Rail
  • Finance
  • Materials
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Networks and telecoms
  • Spatial
  • Health and e-health

The SMILES Associated Carnot environment

  • MeSU-alpha : a 1024-core cluster with a 16 To shared memory
  • MeSU-beta : a 2020-core cluster with shared memory
  • Labex Calsimlab
  • Labex Plas@Par
  • Labex Fondation de Sciences
  • Equipex Equip@meso 

Our commitments

  • One single office to make a contract: simplify the initial contact and accelerate the contractualization process
  • Quality of the contractualization: a team of business officers and legal experts build and maintain the interface between researchers and companies for setting up the research partnerships contracts

An IP policy well defined

  • Shared ownership of the results of the research partnership (but transfer is possible)
  • Exclusivity of explotation of the results in the identified domain for the industrial partner