Carnot M.I.N.E.S

Innovative methods for companies and society

The concept of research “orientated” towards companies and society is at the base of the creation of the M.I.N.E.S Carnot Institute. Composed of Armines and 8 engineering schools, it is built on a multi-disciplinary academic foundation enhanced by a 50-year heritage of providing solutions to meet the needs of the socio-economic players. Truly inspirational for companies seeking innovation, the M.I.N.E.S Carnot Institutedraws its strength from its motivation to break down scientific barriers.

Apart from its wide range of skills, the community of 1,700 research staff also has experience in technology transfer.


Core business

Micro and nano technologies / systems
Environment, natural resources, chemistry
Soft sciences

Hight competences

Micro and nano technologies / systems
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
1 021
including PhD Students
Global budget
127,6 M€
incomes with industry
33,4 M€


institut Carnot M.I.N.E.S
60, boulevard saint-Michel
75272 Paris Cedex 06

Yannick VIMONT
Director of M.I.N.E.S Carnot

Operating manager

+ 33 (0)1 40 51 92 19

Email contact


Supporting change with innovation

5 scientific skill areas

  • Earth and environmental sciences
  • Energy and process engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Applied mathematics, computer science and automation
  • Economy, management and society

A customisable offer

A variety of structures

  • Direct research and study contracts
  • Framework contracts
  • Collaborative research projects
  • Technical services / expertise contracts
  • Operating licences
  • Sponsorship chairs, industrial chairs
  • Continuing education
  • Industry thematic days

A variety of means

  • Provision of researchers
  • Recruitment of PhD students
  • Scientific expertise
  • Technological platforms

3 thematic areas to tackle the socio-economic challenges



Geographic location of the school laboratories members
of the M.I.N.E.S Carnot Institute



Innovation with SMEs & mid-cap firms

The M.I.N.E.S Carnot Institute is partnering 6 of the 8 projects which have been selected under the "Filières" call for projects launched in 2015 by the Commissariat-General for Investment.

The aim is to strengthen the laboratories’ ability to take ownership of the scientific obstacles raised by the SMEs & mid-cap firms operating in the following economic sectors:

  • Fashion and Luxury (coordinated by M.I.N.E.S)
  • Energy
  • Extractive industries
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Aircraft industry
  • Healthcare & Drugs


Aircraft industry       Fashion and Luxury                 Energy
                                 (coordinated by M.I.N.E.S)


Extractive industries     Healthcare & Drugs         Mechanical engineering

CARATS "Fashion & Luxury" sector

5 identified challenges:

- Sustainable development

- Design and engineering

- Brand image and identity

- Luxury of the future

- Innovation and competence management