Carnot MICA

The MICA Carnot Institute is the specialist in functional materials, surfaces and interfaces with 17 research laboratories and technology and industrial technical centres.


Core business


Hight competences

Technologies for health
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
70 M€
incomes with industry
32 M€


institut Carnot MICA
15 rue Jean Starcky
BP 2488
68057 Mulhouse cedex

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The leading player in innovative materials with a full and unrivalled offering for industrialists

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A unique synergy across the entire value chain

MICA offers you know-how you will not find anywhere else

  • Across a wide range of materials: Polymers, Ceramics, Glass, Carbons, Oxides, Composites, Textiles
  • From research to industrial finalisation

Solutions perfectly adapted to the Transport sector 

  • A Lightening and reinforcing structures
  • Materials for energy production and storage
  • Improved properties: Wear-proof, (self)repair, frost-proof, corrosion-proof, adherence etc.

The most innovative solutions for Health

  • Materials for patients and the therapeutic environment
  • Full product process right up to in vivo testing
  • Control of all the validation stages up to  clinical trials with our teams of surgeons 

The solutions to tomorrow’s challenges for efficient and sustainable construction

  • Construction, refurbishment and interior design
  • Optimisation of traditional materials
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Pollution removal & Health, indoor air quality

Our business: support you in designing the products and services of the future 

MICA can offer you, industrial partners, the services that meet your needs, backed up by the skills of its teams and its substantial technical resources:

  • R&D programmes
  • Services
  • Expertise and Consultancy
  • Technology transfer
  • Initial training:
    - “Materials” master’s degree
    - “Surface engineering” master’s degree
  • Tailored continuing education courses 

Target markets

  • Health
  • Transport
  • Building


MICA’s rare skills

  • Surfaces and interfaces engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • 3D processes
  • Multi-scale materials and surfaces characterisations platforms
  • Surface metrology and deformation analysis by rapid optical techniques

3 cutting edge technology platforms for you industrialists

  • IGI-Tech: for the development of non-standardised tailor-made implantable medical devices.
  • MICASOL: for the characterisation of materials by X-analysis from the molecular to macroscopic scales through access to the Soleil Synchrotron.
  • ISI-Composites: Innovative surfaces and interfaces in composites.

Our technical resources

  • Technical platforms: fabrication, characterisation, performance testing, prototyping
  • Real conditions test platforms
  • Single configuration cutting edge equipment
  • Highly qualified dedicated staff
  • 11 platforms already certified ISO 9001

Widely renowned industrial expertise

  • Over 900 partner companies
  • Growth of over 30% in contracts with industry
  • 20 patents / year
  • 1 quality certification (ISO 9001:2015)

1 single contact fully dedicated to industrialists