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DR - Patrick.H.Muller
IMAGINE - Institut des maladies génétiques

Within Necker-Enfants malades Hospital in Paris, Institut Carnot Imagine's main strength is to bring together on a single site, a large number of genetic diseases' specialists with the aim to better understand these disorders to better diagnose or treat them. Its patient centered organization and the close collaboration between clinicians and researchers implement a unique translational model that facilitates research collaborations and the establishment of new therapeutic strategies with the industrial partners.

Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent) 472
PhD Students 78
Global budget 58 M€
Partnership incomes with industry 8,6 M€


Institut Carnot Imagine
24, boulevard du Montparnasse
75015 Paris

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To better understand, diagnose and threat genetic diseases by associating all the stakeholders

A translational research institute dedicated to genetic diseases

  • Clinical expertise: 510 healthcare professionals, 6 clinical units, 25 Rare Diseases Reference Centers, 2 Clinical Investigation Centers, and 1 data warehouse.
  • Scientifc expertise: 438 researchers, 24 research laboratories, and 4 associated lab.
  • 16 core facilities: data science, transgenesis (CRISPR-Cas9), iPS cell, biobank, histology, translational genetics, genomic, cytometry, animal facilities, gene transfer, cell imaging, proteomic, and bioinformatic
  • 6 Integrated Care and Research Programs: Immunology / Infectiology, Hematology, Nephrology, Neuro-development, Cardiology and Development, Translational bioinformatics


  • University Hospital Institute since 2011
  • 786 scientific publications in 2019 in several therapeutic areas
  • Active pipeline of 385 diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, 25% of them being issued from Imagine research labs
  • 544 clinical studies involving Imagine Carnot Institute teams
  • 52 active patent families (31/12/2019)
  • Imagine Bioentrepreneurs Launchpad education program with HEC, Ecole Polytechnique and Paris University
  • Coordination of the 2017-2020 Area of Major Interest "Gene Therapy" of Paris Region
  • "Lab in Labs" dedicated space to welcome biotech companies

Target market

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Gene and cell therapies
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical devices

Skills and expertise

Pheno-genotyping: natural history, phenotype characeterization, cohort study, genomics and bioinformatics, genotype/phenotype correlation, identification of new relevant therapeutic targets

Preclinical research: new cell and animal models (iPSC, CRISPR-Cas9), cellular and molecular mechanisms characterization, gene and cell therapies, establishment of preclinical and clinical Proof of Concept

Clinical research: clinical project management (including clinical trials and orphan designation), interaction with regulatory agencies, operational and logistical support during the studies, decision support (databases, clinical expertise) enabling the identification and the targeted recruitment of patients

Partnerships at the heart of our strategy

  • Research collaborations, fee for services, start-up creation,
  • on preclinical, translational or clinical projects,
  • to discover new molecules, repurpose, develop gene or cell therapies,
  • with SMEs, biotech and pharmaceutical companies and investors,
  • Imagine Carnot Institute’s offers available at


  • To better understand physiopathological processes of rare genetic diseases,

  • To transform know-how into diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to the advantage of the patient as quickly as possible,

  • To increase the number of innovative therapeutic studies and the number of patients participating to these studies.

Components of Imagine Carnot Institute

Imagine University Hospital Institute, supported by Imagine foundation
UMR1163 (INSERM / Université de Paris)
AP-HP.5 clinical units (including Reference Centers for Rare Diseases affiliated to Imagine IHU)