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Carnot Institute Livestock Industry for the Future provides R&D competences to livestock sector businesses, mobilizing three main levers for multiefficient, sustainable and profi table farming: health, nutrition and breeding systems and animal genetics. Improvements are sought both at individual and agrofood chain scales.

Carnot Institute Livestock Industry for the Future brings together actors from agro-veterinary research with an international visibility and R&D knowledge and expertise of three Agricultural Technical Institutes which are international leaders in the breeding services.


Core business

Food / Nutrition
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
94,7 M€
incomes with industry
13,9 M€


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Thierry PINEAU
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Dupety Director
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Etienne ZUNDEL
Deputy Director
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Deputy Director
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Business Manager
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Parent institutions

Parent institutions

  • INRA (Insitut National de la recherche agronomique)
  • AgroCampus Ouest (Institut national supérieur des sciences agronomiques, agroalimentaires, horticoles et du paysage)
  • CIRAD (L'organisme français de recherche agronomique et de coopération internationale pour le développement durable des régions tropicales et méditerranéennes.)
  • INP Toulouse (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse)
  • Oniris (L’Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l’Alimentation Nantes-Atlantique)
  • Université François Rabelais, Tours
  • ifip (Institut du Porc)
  • ITAVI (Institut National de l'Aviculture)
  • Institut de l'élevage


Innovate for a multi-efficient, sustainable and profitable livestock industry


Our commitment to facilitate partnership

  • UA helpdesk, focusing on your needs by giving you access to a network of more than 1000 researchers, engineers and technicians.
  • Professionalism and contract negotiation, to ensure traceability, reliability in setting up contracts.
  • Quality approach certified ISO9001
  • Intellectual property policy that ensures traceability and protection of result.

Examples of projects leaded with industrial partners

  • Study of intestinal microbiota influence on the robustness of piglet at weaning, aiming to reduce the use of antibiotics in farms.
  • Study of new strategies to reduce the decline of immunity caused by the Marek disease virus in poultry.
  • Reduction of environmental impact of monogastric livestock by improving and diversifying nutrients destined for animals and integrating new criteria to select animals.
  • Development of methodology of relevant indicators of aniaml herd welfare.
  • Study of alternatives to soy meals for dairy cow nutrition.



Target markets

  • Veterinary medicines
  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Feed industry
  • Breeding systems
  • Genetic selection
  • Individual animal monitoring


Professionalism and contract negotiation, to ensure traceability, reliability in setting up contracts.

  • Animal experimentation platforms (under containment or not) ranging from fi shes to lactating cows under BSL3 containment.
  • Insectariums of ticks and insect vectors.
  • Pathogenic bacteria collection with more than 2500 strains.
  • Surgery and imagery applied on ovine, caprine and porcine experimental models.
  • Numerous animal models : mouse, arthropods, ruminants, porcine, poultry, fishes.
  • Infrastructure in intertropical area (Caribbean, Africa, Indian Ocean).
  • Animal and Environmental poison control centre.
  • Numerous high throughput "omics" platforms.
  • Massive data treatment and analysis capacity.
  • Experimental farm network in partnership with field actors allowing to carry out experiments under real conditions.

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