Carnot Clim'adapt

CARNOT Clim'adapt

The Carnot Clim'adapt institute supports its partners to meet local needs and help them move towards a resource-efficient, carbon-free, environmentally friendly economy, in line with the new lifestyles brought about by the digital transition and adaptation to climate change. Clim'adapt offers expertise focused on infrastructure, its core business, and through the transfer of skills and results of its R&D, mobility, buildings and towns, resource economics and ecosystems.

Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent) 206
PhD Students 16
Global budget 28,8 M€
Partnership incomes with industry 5,3 M€


Le Carnot Clim'adapt
25, avenue F. Mitterrand
BP 92803
F-69674 Bron cedex

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Parent institutions

Parent institutions


Cutting-Edge partnership research for regions adapted to climate change 

A Carnot Institute dealing with the various challenges of town and country planning in the era of climate change

Clim'adapt supports all those involved in the design and construction of infrastructure, at the heart of town and country planning: local authorities and companies. Its missions are threefold:

  • transfer Cerema's R&D to companies to help them adapt to climate change;
  • support companies in the development of solutions for regions, by making its technological platforms available and even developing experiments in those regions;
  • support local authorities in identifying and implementing innovative solutions adapted to their needs, through the development of research partnerships with companies of all sizes.

Markets addressed

  • Motor vehicles and mobility
  • Rail
  • Sea industry
  • Energy systems
  • Chemistry and materials
  • Construction industry
  • Water
  • Environment
  • Waste processing and enhancement
From laboratory to local area; from theoretical approach to demonstrator: the tools at your disposal

Clim'adapt is committed to offering solutions at the cutting edge of R&D on its various research topics, compatible with, and forerunners of, the necessary mitigation and adaptation of regions to climate change. The Institute is strongly rooted locally so as to be close to its customers and their needs. It provides them with Cerema’s R&D results, skills and resources in the fields of observation, instrumentation, measurement, analysis and modelling to understand and anticipate how their products or services work and assess their impact. Clim’adapt is:

  • nearly 500 agents with varying degrees of involvement;
  • 11 technological platforms for conducting laboratory or real-life experiments in the fields of environment, infrastructure, light sources, noise, vibrations, climate conditions and materials;
  • laboratories for observing local areas.

Clim'adapt also makes available to its partners the tools developed by its two Prototype Design and Study Centres (Centres d’Etudes et de Conception des Prototypes - CECP), in the fields of instrumentation and sensors, navigational aid devices, or even monitoring equipment (such as infrastructure).