Carnot ARTS

Research Actions for Technology and Society

The Arts Carnot Institute (IC ARTS) develops scientific and technological research to address design, industrialization and manufacturing problems of complex and innovative manufactured goods.

IC ARTS offers a range of multidisciplinary skills to cover all stages of a Product’s Life cycle (from design through maintenance to the end-of-life).

All companies no matter their size, that are involved in the life cycle of manufactured products in the market can benefit from the research and technology skills of  IC ARTS. Its multiregional location allows IC ARTS to be close to companies (in particular SME's) and competitiveness clusters.


Core business

Mechanics and processes

Hight competences

Information and Communication Technologies
Technologies for health
Soft sciences
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
1 529
including PhD Students
Global budget
122 M€
incomes with industry
38,7 M€


institut Carnot ARTS
151, boulevard de l'Hôpital
75013 ParisFrance

Pr. Philippe VERON
+ 33 6 63 78 90 68


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Carnot ARTS Institute: the R&D gateway for innovative companies


Three thematic departments

IC ARTS’s  expertise draws  from the  scientific knowledge base developed in its 20 research laboratories, which are structured around 3 thematic departments:

  • Mechanics, Materials and Processes (M2P)
  • Design, Industrialization and Production (CIP)
  • Fluids and Energy Systems (FSE)

The Arts Carnot Institute addresses priority application axes:

  • Factory of the future : manufacturing processes, lean management, virtual reality, collaborative robotics, digital engineering
  • Transportation: Automotive, Aeronautics, Railway
  • Health: biomechanics, medical imaging
  • ICT: nanoelectronics, virtual reality
  • Energy efficiency

Technological platforms of The Arts Carnot Institute

The Arts Carnot Institute has high-level technological platforms and develops technological demonstrators (proof of concept on the industrial feasibility and the expected performances). Relative to the technology readiness level (TRL), the ARTS Carnot Institute is between levels 1 and 5, and up to level 6 with the demonstrators.

The main equipment concerns manufacturing processes (machining, forging, iron casting…), material analyzes (gleeble, electronic microscopes…), complex interactions studies (wind tunnels, fluids), additive manufacturing equipments and digital technology prototyping (3D digitalization, virtual immersion).