Carnot AgriFood Transition

Agriculture, aquaculture and food processing producers know that they always have to balance between finding new ways of feeding the world’s population and not damaging the environment.
French and European researchers involved in AgriFood Transition are attempting to deliver real answers to these issues and to address the concerns of producers and their customers, and local communities.


Core business

Food / Nutrition
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
46,3 M€
incomes with industry
15 M€


AgriFood Transition Associated Carnot
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Research for sustainable food solutions for both the health of the population and their environment
AgriFood Transition offers a complete service in the fields of research, development, publication reviews, advice and training. It supports innovation in the area of food sustainability by brokering services between researchers and interested stakeholders such as seed producers, suppliers of the agriculture and aquaculture sectors, food and feed producers, food distributers and pharmaceutical companies, public authorities.

Technical and Human Resources :

  • Engineers, researchers, technicians, librarians ... In total, more than 700 specialists contribute to innovation within private and public companies.
  • Their complementary competences and sharing of information means that they can support technical innovation from the raw material to the end product.
  • Advanced technical resources are available to address the following 6 themes:

Key Target Markets

  • Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture
  • Food processing, nutrition
  • Chemical
  • Raw material producers
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Consumer goods
  • Health, pharmacuticals

Our commitments

Some of the technical centers available:

> Plant production

- 1000 m² of regulated greenhouses and climatic chambers for in vitro culture or plant cultivation

> Animal production

- Experimental animal house for monogastric animals (pig, poultry)

> Aquaculture production

- Multi-product marine aquaculture platform (fish, shellfish, algae) at sea or land based

> Transformation agroalimentaire (prototypes et préséries sous agrément sanitaire)

- Découpe, broyage, affinage, cuisson / saurisserie, mélangeage, séchage, autoclave avec 3 modes de stérilisation (statique, rotatif, balancier)

> Food processing (prototypes and small production under sanitary approval)

- Cutting, grinding, refining, cooking / seafood delicatisance products , mixing, drying, autoclave with 3 sterilization modes (static, rotary, balance)

> Biotechnology and extraction

- Chemical or enzymatic hydrolysis reactors (different volumes)

> Characterization of products

- Granulometers (dry and liquid)

- Viscosimeters, rheometers and texturometers

- Robots and molecular marking equipments

An additional network for new fields of innovation

Based in Europe’s largest agricultural and food processing regions in the heart of Brittany and the Pays de la Loire, AgriFood Transition brings together 7 technical centers and 8 public research units. ACT Food Bretagne, ABEA, Chamber of Agriculture, Triballat Noyal, Triskalia, Prince de Bretagne, etc. form the basis of the industrial and professional representatives on the board of management.

AgriFood Transition supports the food chain for the benefit of animal & public health, and the environment.