Carnot 3BCAR

Bioenergy, Biomolecules and Biomaterials from Renewable Carbon

3BCAR Carnot Institute mobilizes two key levers for Bioeconomy emergence: Biotechnologies and Green chemistry; gathering multidisciplinary approaches from biomass production, biorefinery until functional properties. Circular economy is considered by waste and byproducts valorization, cascading uses and eco-design.


Core business

Environment, natural resources, chemistry

Hight competences

Natural resources
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
89,4 M€
incomes with industry
19 M€


Jean TAYEB, 

Nathalie TURC,
Deputy Director

Coralline CAULLET
Business developer

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Innovate and support Bioeconomy emergence with Biotechnologies and Green chemistry

Bioeconomy: a model for the future

Faced with diverse actual challenges (sustainable development, fossil resources depletion, climate change…), Bioeconomy is recognised in Europe as a model for the future. Based on production from biological renewable resources conversion, this economical strategy benefits from both technological and systemic approaches.

3BCAR : a multidisciplinary competencies offer

• Plant biomass production with enhanced properties
• Biomass fractionation and biorefinery
• Functionalisation for obtaining building blocks
• Bioproducts formulation and shaping
• Process ecodesign and Production sustainability

Target markets

  • Biomass production (crops, microalgaes) and plant biotechnologies
  • Biorefinery
  • Industrial biotechnologies
  • Green chemistry: lubricants, surfactants, solvents
  • Fine chemistry: cosmetic and biologically active molecules
  • Bioenergies: biofuel, biogas
  • Biobased materials
  • Ferments and enzymes
  • Environment and waste valorization
  • Agro-industry
  • Territories management

From biomass ... until functional properties

A scientific network of excellence available to boost your innovation



Légendes des photos : Microorganisms culture in bioactor - ©INRA/Maitre Christophe ; Plants in high-throughout phenotyping system - ©INRA/Nicolas Bertrand ; Analysys of materials'mechanical properties - ©INRA/Ponchet Michel.

Our engagements to facilitate partnership

A french structured R&D network, from laboratory to pilote scale

  • Skills and technological capacities to support partners climbing on TRL scale, from upstream research in laboratory until pilote scale, around TRL level 6.
  • 12 research laboratories, 4 centers for technological resources (CRT Bio, CATAR, GPTE, ITE), 1 preindustrial demonstrator (TWB), 1 industrial technical center (ITERG)