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Les Rendez-vous Carnot

Established in 2008 by AiCarnot “Les Rendez-vous Carnot” is a two-day business convention at which companies  with innovation needs have the opportunity to meet exhibiting players, R&D providers (and a few structures specialising in support and assistance in partnership research and innovation).

Most of the business meetings are scheduled prior to the event (following a meeting request / validation process by participants). Visitors, innovation project owners from major corporations or SMEs, are guaranteed optimal organisation to meet all the appropriate R&D competencies need to fit their innovation projects.

“Les Rendez-vous Carnot” is, for companies, an outstanding opportunity to meet their future partners and customers in the field of innovation. It illustrates, intensely and visibly, the ongoing action conducted throughout the year by the Carnot Institutes network aimed at the industrial community.


Public laboratories specifically committed to developing partnership research with enterprises or private structures with R&D activities dedicated to corporate needs.
In 2016, in addition to the laboratories of the Carnot institutes, exhibitors included :

  • Public laboratories and associated Technology Transfer Departments
  • Contractual research organisations (SRC)
  • Technological Institutes for Industry (RCTI)
  • Technology Transfer and Development Organizations
  • European Research and Technology Organisations
  • French Poles of Competitiveness and Research Clusters
  • Support providers for public-private research partnerships


Over 9 years, “Les Rendez-vous Carnot” have managed to establish themselves as a key event for bringing together companies and the French public research community :

  • the number of visitors attending “Les Rendez-Vous Carnot” and quality of meetings have consistently improved : in 2016, over 2 600 participants attended the 9 500 business meetings. And 95% of visitors surveyed described their meetings as being of good or very good quality, and have identified new R&D partners.
  • “Les Rendez-vous Carnot” fulfils the expectations of SMEs (46% of visitors with an entrepreneurial project come from SMEs or intermediate-sized companies) but also of large corporations (many visitors represent R&D departments at large corporations, wishing to meet with exhibitors who are little-known or unknown to them, yet likely to offer them attractive solutions in their respective fields).