Meeting tomorrow's challenges

CEA LIST conducts R&D in fields selected for their capacity to create value for the economy and society. With projects spanning advanced manufacturing, embedded systems, and ionizing radiation for healthcare applications, our research is at the
international state of the art in digital systems for industry.

At CEA LIST, we employ more than 700 research scientists, engineers, and technicians on Paris-Saclay campus. CEA LIST is one of the three research institutes that make up CEA Tech, the CEA’s Technological Research Division, and has been a member of the Carnot Institutes network since 2006.


Core business

Information and Communication Technologies

Hight competences

Micro and nano technologies / systems
Mechanics and processes
Key figures

Key figures

Permanent staff (full-time equivalent)
including PhD Students
Global budget
76,7 M€
research incomes
42,5 M€


institut Carnot CEA LIST

Business Director
+33 (0)1 69 08 28 74

Scientific Director
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Digital systems for industry

Driving innovation

  • At CEA LIST, our primary mission is to give businesses the tools they need to turn their innovative ideas into marketable products. A strong capacity to build long-term partnerships with manufacturers enables us to understand business’ real-world challenges and come up with targeted R&D and technology-transfer solutions.
  • We work closely with manufacturers by leveraging advanced research in the field of digital systems to develop applications in industries as diverse as transportation, security and defense, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and information and communication technologies.
  • We worked with more than 100 different businesses (50% of which were SMBs) on joint innovation projects in 2013.

The technology platforms

  • Our partner companies enjoy privileged access to our four technology platforms. These facilities offer state-of-the-art equipment and software and are staffed by a broad range of experts. They provide our partners with flexible, confidential R&D and innovation services.
  • Advanced Manufacturing (interactive robotics, simulation and virtual reality, non-destructive testing)
  • Embedded Software and Systems (computational architecture and operating systems, software and systems engineering)
  • Ambient Intelligence (personal services, human-machine interfaces, vision systems, big data)
  • The Doseo Platform (medical imaging and radiotherapy technologies, dosage metrology, modelling and simulation)



Target markets

  • Transportation
  • Security and defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Information and communication technologies


  • Robotics
  • Virtual reality, vision systems
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Instrumentation, metrology
  • Sensors and signal processing
  • Communication and HMI
  • Multimedia and data processing
  • Software engineering
  • Hardware-software systems design
  • Computational architectures
  • Digital system safety, security, and reliability

An international network of partners

  • Strong partnerships with organizations around the globe form the foundations of our innovation ecosystem, which covers all stages from basic scientific research through to transferring mature technologies to industry.
    We contribute to basic research programs through memberships in organizations like the Digiteo alliance for information and communication technologies and, for our Saclay campus, an academic research partnership with Université Paris-Sud.
    We also participate actively in a number of clusters -like Systematic, Mov’eo, and Medicen -opening the door to joint research projects with partners who bring proven expertise in a broad range of technologies.
  • And, on the European front, we are involved in 86 projects under the 7th EU Research and Development Framework Programme (FP7), participate in several networks of excellence, platforms, and clusters -like Artemis, Europ, Eureka, and ENIAC - and contribute actively to EU-level research through membership in the European Organisation for Security (EOS).
  • And, as part of our open innovation strategy, we have formed partnerships with manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and North America.